Business Stationery FAQs

Business Stationery Frequently Asked Questions.

Business Stationery FAQs

We understand the importance of high-quality business stationery for your business (and personal use). Whether starting up or existing business. Proprint 2K can take care of all your printing solutions. Below we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about stationery and everything you need to know regarding printing solutions for your business. If you can’t find the answer to your business stationery question or questions then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to discuss all your printing solutions for your business and you can rely on our expertise to provide the right advice.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is the process of printing stationery, business cards, flyers etc, directly from a PC or laptop. Before digital printing, everything needed to be set up on blocks. So essentially this usually meant a hefty setup cost. With digital printing, the cost is much less so there is no need to place large bulk orders as was the case in the past to make it more cost-effective.

What Do I Need on My Business Card?

We recommend as much information as possible, without it looking cluttered, address (if you are trading from a particular location.), contact numbers, office and mobile, email address and you may also want to consider including your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and so on. We also recommend having your strapline or what your business offers.

How Do I Set Out My Business Card?

Primarily you should consider having your logo prominent for brand awareness, there really is no rule of thumb when it comes to layout and would be dependant on the type and size of business card you opt for, also whether you are choosing a double-sided business card.

What Stationery Do I Need for My Business?

Depending on what your services and/or products are will determine what business stationery you need. For example, should you be sending products, you would require packing slips, possibly compliment slips, it is certainly very useful to have your own business cards printed and other business stationery may include flyers and leaflets, letterheads, invoices and so on. We can discuss your business stationery requirements and using our experience and provide a business stationery package personal to your business.

What Should I Include on My Letterhead?

We recommend that you firstly include your logo for brand recognition and then followed with contact details, including address, office numbers, mobile numbers, email address and you may want to consider other lines of contact such as your social media platforms and so on.

What is the minimum quantity you can print?

There is no minimum quantity, but typically the more you have the cheaper per unit it becomes

How should I supply the artwork?

A PDF is always accepted or the native file as long as we have the same software and can read it. It’s best to ring and check

What is bleed?

Bleed is the allowance to enable us to cut into the ink, not along its edge. To give bleed you will need to make the image slightly larger than the finished size

Do I need to allow for bleed when supplying artwork?

If the ink will go to the edge of the paper then yes as we need to cut into the ink, not along the edge of it

How much bleed should I allow?

3mm ideally, but 2mm is usually enough

What common mistakes occur when supplying artwork?

Not allowing for bleed and having text or other important information too close to the edge for trimming purposes

Do you print business cards?

Yes, and on a variety of card colours and weights, we can also print double-sided business cards as well as single-sided business cards. Should you require any advice on design or details of your business cards, please give us a call prior to ordering.

How much more expensive are double-sided business cards than single-sided?

For a double-sided business card. The cost is approximately 50% more than a single-sided business card. Of course, this is dependant on what is required when printing your double-sided business cards. We suggest calling and discussing before placing an order.

What weight card do you print business cards on?

Usually a very smooth 350gsm or a slightly less smooth 400gsm. Although should you have a special requirement for the weight of your business card please give us a call to discuss.

What is your usual turnaround time for business stationery?

Normally a week or two. But it depends on the work involved and when you need it. We frequently juggle jobs to prioritise. Should you require an urgent stationery order then please call us to discuss this further.

Can you design the artwork for me or do I need to supply it?
Yes, we can design it if you prefer, or you can supply it. We charge for artwork on a time basis.

Can you print a 10-page brochure?
When a sheet of paper is folded it creates 4 sides. Therefore folded brochures need to be multiples of 4 pages (4,8,12 etc). 10 pages of content would be printed in a 12-page brochure with 2 blank pages.

What is the largest size you can print?
SRA3 which is 450mm x 320mm, just a bit larger than A3.

Can you print A2 or A1 posters?
No the largest we can print is 450mm x 320mm which is slightly larger than A3.

Do you do laminating?
Yes, we offer a laminating service. We can laminate small quantities of A4 in-house or we can get larger sheet sizes or quantities laminated by suppliers in the trade.

What does NCR in printing mean?
NCR is No Carbon Required, so in docket book printing when the top sheet is written on, the image is transferred to the sheets below through coatings on the paper, therefore eliminating the need for carbon paper between the sheets.

What is the difference between leaves, sheets, pages and sides?
Leaves are the same as sheets and sides are the same as pages. So if 1 sheet or leaf of A4 is folded it creates 4 sides or pages and is known as 4pp (printed pages). If unfolded it has 2 sides or pages and is referred to as 2pp.

What is the difference between CMYK and RGB?
CMYK means Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black and these are the 4 colours used in most printing processes;
RGB means Red, Green and Blue and are the colours used by a computer screen to represent colours.
If a file saved as RGB is sent to a printer the resulting print may not be as accurate as a CMYK file, however, it may be more vivid in colour than a CMYK file.

I am a new business and not sure what stationery and quantities I need, can you help?
Absolutely, with over 20 years of experience and dealing with new business stationery requirements (and existing businesses) we can advise you based on your own business, of what stationery you will need to begin with, and as we use digital printing we can provide a top-up anytime without the need to order large quantities, if you are running out of one particular piece of stationery simply place an order. It is though more affordable and less costly the more stationery you order but we can also advise you on this as well.

Do you have offers for new businesses needing stationery?
Yes, we provide a stationery business starter pack, this is available to new and old customers and you can request a sample pack so that you can see the quality of what we offer. You can find it listed under our stationery products or by clicking the link above.

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