Greetings Cards

GreetingsGreeting cards can be ordered in small or large quantities. Perfect for small events such as company parties or for someone who wants create their own cards to sell to shops. Professionally printed greeting cards can be used in many different ways to make a positive and lasting impression, here a few example of what we can produce for you:

Christmas Cards
Birthday Cards
Wedding Invitations, anniversary Cards or Company Events
Thank you Cards
Shop opening event Cards
invitations to Events


Magno Satin coated card is  smooth to the touch with a discreet surface sheen. It offers excellent ink to paper contrast and printed colours appear clear and distinct. Available 250-350gsm.

Gloss coated card has a shiny surface and a smooth finish. Ink dries quickly and lamination is not necessary. Available 250-350gsm.

Uncoated premium
 uncoated card is more absorbent than coated papers. Printed inks appear flatter due to this absorbency and this paper has a soft finish. Available 250-350gsm.


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